Wiggle, what? The story behind our name.

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Behind the Scenes

Sadie admiring one of our Soulful cards (Take Up Space) and Crater Lake in Oregon.

It’s a Dog Thing

If you have a dog, you instantly know what “wiggle butt” means.

But if you are not a dog person, you may imagine that the term is slang for what the kids are using these days for people over 40 attempting to twerk. (did we just age ourselves? I think this means we’re officially “old.”)

When deciding on a name for our company, we wanted something fun and memorable. Angela is often serious and overthinks things. So it was up to Rich to bring the fun.

As we were sitting at our kitchen table scribbling down words on Post-Its and nothing was really doing it for us.

Of course, Sadie, our pup was right by our side because if you’re a dog person, you know that you can barely go to the bathroom without the four-legged furball following you.

Rich looked down at Sadie who was doing her “wiggle butt” dance because she wanted a treat, and said, “What about, ‘Hey, Wiggle Butt?’”

The Nickname That Stuck

You see, a couple of years prior to this happening, we had someone watch Sadie while we were on vacation. When we picked her up, the dog-sitter laughed and told us that he called her “Little Wiggle Butt” because she’s so happy all of the time and is always wagging that tail of hers.

So “Wiggle Butt” just stuck. We called her that all of the time.

When Rich said this idea for our business name, Angela couldn’t stop laughing. True to her over-thinking nature, she promptly Googled “Wiggle Butt” to make sure it wasn’t something that belonged in the, ahem, adult entertainment industry. She was relieved to see that “wiggle butt” is all about dogs. Whew!

Moments later, the domain name and social media were secured and we were on our way to making cards and prints under the name, “Hey, Wiggle Butt.”

Done and done.

Welcome to, “Hey, Wiggle Butt.” We’re absolutely delighted that you’re here.

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