News Release: Late-Blooming Artist Reminds People They Matter Through New Cards And Prints Business

by | May 24, 2024 | News

Grand Opening for ‘Hey, Wiggle But,’ Named After the Artist’s Rescue Dog, on June 7 During Ogden Art Stroll

May 24, 2024

OGDEN, Utah – The grand opening of “Hey, Wiggle Butt,” a new online cards and prints business based in Ogden, Utah, from local artist Angela Johnson is happening at the Ogden Art Stroll at The Bonneville co-working space on historic 25th Street from 6 to 9 p.m. 

“Hey, Wiggle Butt” is named after the artist’s rescue dog, and this new business has one core mission: to remind people that they matter.

The debut collections will bring tail-wagging joy to dog lovers, art enthusiasts and gift-givers alike. Details are at and on Instagram @heywigglebutt

Johnson started painting during COVID at 42 to express her “creative itch.” She found art supported her mental health, a topic she openly shares to decrease the stigma and help others know they are not alone. 

Johnson originated the idea for the cards and prints and soon after got her partner Richard Timothy on board. He is a creative writer who writes many of the messages for the cards. Additionally, Timothy brings humor to the business and was the mastermind behind the name “Hey, Wiggle Butt,” inspired by the couple’s 15-year-old rescue dog, Sadie. 

“If you’re a dog person, you immediately know what ‘wiggle butt’ means,” Timothy said. “If you’re not a dog person, we describe an image of a happy dog wagging their tail, and that makes everyone smile.”

Another inspiration behind the business is Timothy’s father, who died in 2020. The couple realized that many of their friends and family didn’t know what to say or how to support them during their time of grief.

“We live in a society where we don’t talk about grief or how to handle it,” Johnson said. “You don’t have to have the perfect words when people are going through a hard time. They just want to know that you care.” 

Timothy added, “We created a card I wished I would have received during that time. Our hope is when people don’t know what to say, our cards can help.”

The cards and prints feature bold abstract watercolor designs. The greeting cards come in four collections: Vanilla, Salty, Soulful, and a blank set.

The Vanilla collection features family-friendly classics celebrating many of life’s occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, loss and more.

The Pride "You Matter" card is being held against a background of succulents. The card is a watercolor rainbow of colors with the words "I see you. I hear you. I love you. You matter." in white text against the watercolor background.

The Salty collection expresses heartfelt and funny messages with some “salty” language if that’s more your style.

The Soulful collection, ideal for sending to your friends, inspires self-belief and resilience by highlighting people’s tenacity and brilliance.

The blank set is ideal for corporate settings and people who want to write their own messages.

Johnson’s art is also available in museum-quality giclee prints in sizes up to 50 inches wide. These prints bring beautiful and affordable art to homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front and beyond. Johnson’s signature touch is adding gold metallic accents to each print, making them one-of-a-kind. 

“We’ve been speechless with the feedback we’ve received,” Johnson said. “People love the art, and we’re accomplishing our mission of reminding people they matter, which is incredibly fulfilling.”

Go to and @heywigglebutt on Instagram for details.

“Hey, Wiggle Butt” donates 5% of its sales every quarter to the following causes: supporting LGTBQ youth and indigenous tribes in Utah, planting trees, and providing art supplies to underfunded schools in Ogden. Shipping is available throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. Local pickup is also available.

Press Contact: Angela Johnson

Thank you to The Ogdenite (@the_ogdenite) for publishing our story! View their article here:

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