Together, we make a difference.

“Letting people know they matter, is the only thing that matters.” ~Richard, co-founder of Hey, Wiggle Butt

Giving Back

Every month, we choose a cause to donate 5% of our sales to (after processing fees). 

You’ll see the current cause at the bottom of every page. Check our blog for updates on the causes we support.


We believe that Black Lives Matter. 

We support our 2LGBTQIA+ friends and family to be fully expressed.

We are committed to always be learning and acknowledge the many priviledges we hold. 

Our Why

The world can feel like a dumpster fire. And we deeply believe that it can also be beautiful and kind. When people know that they matter, everything in their world changes. We want every person to know that they matter, they are loved, and they are valued.

We live and run this business on the unceded territory (stolen land) of the Goshute nation.