The yART Sale: Our First Art Show

by | May 28, 2023 | Behind the Scenes, Events, News

picture of Angela and Rich standing in front of their booth at the yART Sale, their first art show.

In all honesty, sharing my art with the world can be pretty scary.

Sometimes it Takes Just One Person to Believe in You

But then I met Audrey and she changed that for me. I mean, I still get scared about sharing my heart and soul in the form of my art, but she helped me feel safe and supported.

Who’s Audrey?

She’s my friend, a local Odgen, UT artist, a fellow artist and business owner, and the founder of the semi-annual yART Sale that hosts over 90 artists. 

When I saw she was accepting applications, I applied and crossed my fingers. 

When I got the acceptance notice, I squealed and did the happy dance. Then I freaked out just a bit.

Why? This meant that I would no longer be creating things in private in my studio. I would no longer be giving paintings to a few family members. 

It’s Time to Get Visible

I would be showing my art to the world. And not just any art, but abstract art. And you know what people say about abstract art, right? 

“I could have painted that.”

My response to that?

“But, you didn’t.”

This wasn’t about creating cards and prints to me. This was about being visible in new ways. It was about embracing my art in a deeper way and knowing that the people who resonate with it, will find it. 

The process also required me to double down on what art I wanted to create and not try to make the things that were trendy or popular. Accepting that my art isn’t for everyone has been a big part of the process.

Art Shows are Hard Work

If you’ve exhibited at a show like this, then you know the work that goes into getting your booth ready, getting your inventory read, and then, holy crap there’s the setup and take down. 

It’s a lot. It’s exhausting. And you learn something to NEVER do again and you learn what works

Side note: The next time you see vendors at a farmer’s market or a show of any kind, know that they have likely prepared for weeks or months to be there.

They’ve risked a lot to be there. They’ve spent a lot of time to be there. Always be kind.

Cue the Happy Tears

What happened that day was nothing short of amazing. 

Thank you to our friends who stopped by to support us.

Thank you to the new friends who shared tears with us as we bonded over grief and love and friendship and the things that make us human.

I was moved to tears so many times when people reacted to the cards and prints. 

To our very first customer who was a mom and her two kids who bought the Soulful: Take Up Space card, I wanted to hug you. (but I’m typically against hugging strangers so I didn’t)

To the person who bought the first print and told me that she needed something purple to go on her office wall, thank you. If I was acting strange it was only because I was realizing I was about to sell my very first print.

To the woman who thanked me for creating such beautiful cards and sharing them with the world, you have NO IDEA what your words mean to me. I still cherish what you said. 

Courage to Share Your Art

The next time you see an artist in a park or at a show, know that the things they did to be there are so much more than you can see. The courage it takes to share your heart and soul is no small feat. 

To all of the artists out there sharing your art, knowing that it’s not for everyone, but for the people it IS for, it’s magic. You’re a badass and thank you for sharing your art with the world. The world is better because of it.

To our friends and family, and the new friends we met, thank you for your support and encouragement. 

A big shout-out to Audrey, thank you for always seeing me. Be sure to check out Audrey’s art and the amazing projects she brings to #otown aka the fabulous Ogden community. Audrey is a damn treasure!

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