There’s No Such Thing as Free Shipping

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Behind the Scenes, News

We’re answering a question that commonly comes up with shipping and that is, “Why don’t you offer free shipping?”

First, let’s clear up a common misconception, which is there is no such thing as free shipping. Someone always pays for free shipping.

And while we have a love/hate relationship with Amazon, good ol’ Bezos is notorious for hurting small businesses (we said the quiet part out loud). Amazon has trained us to seek out “free shipping,” but let’s take a deeper look at what this really is.

There are three main ways that businesses can offer “free shipping:”

  1. They eat the cost of shipping and make up for it in other ways.
  2. They raise the cost of their products to cover free shipping.
  3. They make up for “free shipping” with quantity

But the cost of shipping has several layers:

The actual cost that gets charged by the shipping carrier, which covers equipment, the salary of people fulfilling and delivering the order; the cost of materials to ship the product; and the impact on the environment.

For small businesses, there is a person (me or Richard) who prints out your packing slip, pulls your order, packages the order, prints the shipment label, and then we drop off your order to USPS.

And we are delighted and happy to do this part. Every time we receive an order, we’re over the moon that we have another customer who is spreading kindness in the world. Every order we ship is done with love. Our furball CEO oversees that we always do a good job, too.

Can we honor our values of being fiscally responsible and offer free shipping?

We thought long and hard about offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount and as we grow, it’s definitely something we may consider doing.

To be financially responsible and to support our efforts to be able to hire help when we hit that tipping point in our growth, we pass along the shipping costs to our customers instead of inflating our pricing for our products.

Additionally, since we are committed to giving back to causes that help the world be a better place, it’s important that we are able to do so from a generous place vs a place of scarcity because we don’t consider costs like shipping.

As we grow, we will definitely assess our shipping costs and see how we can pass savings along to our awesome customers.

The biggest reason we wanted to write this post is to share a little behind-the-scenes about small businesses and to help consumers think about the love and hard work that small businesses put into their passions.

In the meantime, the next time you see the phrase, “free shipping,” consider just who’s paying for it (pssst, you are). We get that getting something for “free” is a great little dopamine hit, even if it’s a bit gimmicky and not 100% honest. 🙂

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